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Philanthropy and volunteer-ism have been pillars of strength, AHEPA is at the forefront of charitable giving.



2016-2017 National Campaign!

AHEPA Campaign to Build
St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & Shrine at World Trade Center

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Previous Programs

AHEPA War Bonds•    U.S. War Bond Drive, World War II, AHEPA raised over $400 million.
•    Late 1940s saw seven AHEPA Health Centers become operable, including the AHEPA Wing of the Evangelismos Hospital. In 1951, AHEPA Hospital at Thessaloniki dedicated.
•    Completed AHEPA Hall for Boys, St. Basil Academy, with $92,000 raised in late 1950.
•    AHEPA School Building, St. Basil Academy, completed in 1962, $245,000 donated.
•    In 1970, the AHEPA Athletic Program takes form. AHEPA Athletics include: softball, golf, bowling, basketball, with regional and national tournaments held annually. Each year, at the Supreme Convention, inductions are made into the AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame.
•    In the mid 1970s the AHEPA National Educational Foundation is formed. Over $3 million endowed at the local, district and national levels.
•    AHEPA Cooley’s Anemia Foundation established in the late 1970s to issue grants to medical researchers and doctors to discover a cure for this disease. The foundation issued grants in the amount of $90,000 in 1997.  In 2005, $50,000 was contributed to Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago to help purchase the latest in medical technology. In 2011, $50,000 donated towards research.
•    Dedication of three more AHEPA Hall for Boys, St. Basil Academy, 1981, $1.5 million donated.
•    AHEPA National Housing Corporation formed in 1983 to pursue housing projects from HUD. Today, HUD commitment to AHEPA National Housing Corporation has accumulated to over $500 million. Over 90 AHEPA Section 202 HUD projects, in 29 states and 41 cities for low-income senior citizens are completed or are in development.
•    Over $400,000 donated from 1986 to 1991 for Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Restoration, earning special recognition by the United States Department of the Interior.
•    AHEPA Bone Marrow Registry established in late 1980s to help find donors for the bone marrow transplants.
•    $775,000 raised for Tribute, a sculpture dedicated JThe AHEPA Hellenic Float une 1996 in Atlanta’s Olympic Centennial Park as a gift from Greek-Americans on the occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the Olympic Games.
•    AHEPA Hellenic Float was accepted into the 1999 Tournament of Roses Parade and the message of Hellenism was conveyed to 325 million who viewed it in over 110 countries. The float won the coveted Queen’s Trophy for most effective use of roses. The float returned in 2000 to win the Queen’s Trophy again.
•    The AHEPA family raised $220,000 for victims of the Athens earthquake, September 7, 1999.
•    The AHEPA family raised $110,000 for the Marshall Statue dedicated October 2000 on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in Athens in memoriam to George C. Marshall, architect of the Marshall Plan.
•    Over $150,000 was raised for National Tragedy Relief following the terrorist attacks of  September 11.
•    AHEPA partnered with the United Services Organization (USO) and raised $10,000 for “Operation-USO Care Package” Program.
•    AHEPA Family responds to the Katrina disaster of 2005 with donations and support. This catastrophe created the AHEPA Emergency Response Team which is activated in time of need.
•    In 2007-08, AHEPA transported 270 Care Packages totaling $250,000 worth of goods, and raised an additional $250,000 in financial assistance for Greece’s Wildfires Victims.
•    In 2010, AHEPA donated $10,000 to the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue Team – Virginia Task Force 1 – an international and domestic disaster response unit credited for saving 16 lives in Haiti’s earthquake.
•    2012, over $150,000 raised for Greek aid towards purchase of food for the needy.
•    October 2012 AHEPA mobilized after Suprerstorm Sandy with donations in excess of $200,000 in food, water and building materials, thousands of man hours donated.
•    Aid to Greece, since 2011 AHEPA raised and donated over $500,000 in food and materials for those in need in Greece and Cyprus.
•    Shipped over $11million worth of medical supplies to hospitals in Greece since 2011.
•    2014 Committed to raising a minimum of $500,000 for the National Project of Rebuilding St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the only Church destroyed on 9/11.


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