AHEPA Supreme Lodge Officers


2016 - 2017
Supreme Lodge Officers


Newly-elected Supreme Lodge officers take the Oath of Office

Supreme President, Andrew C. Zachariades – Brick, NJ

Supreme Vice President, George E. Loucas – Cleveland, OH

Canadian President, Vasilios Bakalis – Kitchener, ON

Supreme Secretary, Carl Hollister – Mason, OH

Supreme Treasurer, Jimmy Kokotas – Brooklyn, NY

Supreme Counselor, George G. Horiates, Esq., Moorestown, N.J.

Supreme Athletic Director, Louis G. Atsaves, Lake Forest, IL 

Sons National Advisor, Sandy Papadopoulos, Atlanta, Ga.

Supreme Governor Region 1, Gus Paras – Tampa, FL

Supreme Governor Region 2, Anthony J. Drakos – Aliquippa, PA

Supreme Governor Region 3, Chris Diamantoukos – Haddon Township, NJ

Supreme Governor Region 4, Jack Isaac – New Britain, CT

Supreme Governor Region 5, George L. Kalantzis – Canton, OH

Supreme Governor Region 6, Donald F. Vanover – Lake City, MN

Supreme Governor Region 7, Tim J. Joannides – Cheyenne, WY

Supreme Governor Region 8, George Booras – Danville, CA

Supreme Governor Region 10, Nick Papadopoulos – Athens Greece


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