AHEPA Supreme Lodge Officers


2017 - 2018
Supreme Lodge Officers


Newly-elected Supreme Lodge officers take the Oath of Office

Supreme President, Carl Hollister – Mason, OH

Supreme Vice President, George E. Loucas – Cleveland, OH

Canadian President, Christos Argiriou, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Supreme Secretary, Jimmy Kokotas – Brooklyn, NY

Supreme Treasurer, George G. Horiates, Esq., Moorestown, NJ

Supreme Counselor, Demetrios C. Kirkiles, Esq., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Supreme Athletic Director, Louis G. Atsaves, Lake Forest, IL 

Sons National Advisor, Sandy Papadopoulos, Atlanta, GA

Supreme Governor Region 1, Peter Nassos, Stone Mountain, GA

Supreme Governor Region 2, Cleon Kordistos, Monessen, PA

Supreme Governor Region 3, Tom Dushas, Rye, NY

Supreme Governor Region 4, Jack Isaac, New Britain, Conn.

Supreme Governor Region 5, Craig Theros, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Supreme Governor Region 6, Donald F. Vanover – Lake City, MN

Supreme Governor Region 7, Nick Dixie, Dallas, Texas

Supreme Governor Region 8, George Booras – Danville, CA

Supreme Governor Region 10, Dr. Alfred Barich, Thessaloniki, Greece.


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