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76th Anniversary of the Dodecanese Unification with Greece celebrated in Baltimore



Washington, D.C. office

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Supreme Governor Georgio Comninos served as chairman of the 76th Anniversary Celebration of the Dodecanese Unification with Greece in the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community of Baltimore, MD. The event was  was graced with the presence of His Eminence Metropolitan Apostolos of New Jersey. His Eminence delivered a poignant sermon, drawing connections between the Gospel lesson of the final judgment and the universal call to love and compassion. Emphasizing the pain and devastation wrought by war, Metropolitan Apostolos underscored the critical need for prayers for peace worldwide, reminding the faithful of the power of love and empathy in these turbulent times. The liturgy was followed by a memorable procession, with area youth members donned in traditional Dodecanese costumes, embodying the spirit and heritage of their ancestors.

Distinguished guests, including Ambassador of Greece to the United States, Ekaterini Nassika; the Consul of Cyprus, Constantinos Constantinou; esteemed military attaches from the Greek and Cypriot diplomatic missions; and AHI President and CEO Nick Larigakis. Ambassador Nassika and Consul Constantinou offered heartfelt reflections on the Unification’s historical and cultural significance, further enriching the understanding and appreciation of this landmark event. His Eminence’s celebratory speech not only honored the past but also looked to the future, highlighting the importance of preserving Greek culture and acknowledging the unique heritage of the Dodecanese Islands.

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