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* indicates the district covers part of a state and may be shared with another district

John D. Shinas

Contact: jshinas@yahoo.com

District Page: http://www.ahepadistrict1.org

James Sirks

Contact: jsirks@bellsouth.net


District Page: http://www.ahepad2.org

Georgio F. Comninos, Esq.




District Page: http://www.district3ahepa.com

Harry Mackrides

Contact: hmackrides@gmail.com

District Page: https://ahepapowerdistrict4.com/

George Pappas

Contact: georgepappascpa@gmail.com


District Page: http://ahepadistrict5.org

Dean Moskos

Contact:  governor@ahepad6.com

District Page: http://ahepad6.com

John Melonpoulos

Contact: john.melonpoulos@comcast.net

District Page: http://ahepad7.org

Charles Kiritsy

Contact: cpkiritsy@aol.com


District Page: http://baystateahepa.com

Nicholas S. Kallas

Contact: loonboy@comcast.net

District Page: http://ahepadistrict9.org

Evans J. Farres

Contact: ejfarres@gmail.com

District Page: http://ahepadistrict10.org

George E. Callow

Contact: gscallow4@aol.com


District Page: http://buckeyedistrict11.org

Panos Niarchos

Contact: niarchos-1@sbcglobal.net

District Page: ahepa-12.org

Themistocles P. Frangos

Contact: themis.frangos@gmail.com

District Page: http://ahepadistrict13.org

Konstantine “Gus” Angelo

Contact: kdgusangelo@gmail.com

District Page: http://ahepad16.org

Marshall A. Monsell 

Contact: marshallm3@me.com

District Page: http://ahepa17.org

Donald Marudas

Contact: rosemar2@msn.com


District Page: http://ahepadistrict20.org

Alexander Mallas

Contact: almallas@yahoo.com

District Page: http://ahepa21.org

Christopher G. Saites

Contact: christopher.saites@gmail.com

District Page: http://ahepa22.com

Anastasios Moussas

Contact: amoussas@icsgr.com


District Page: http://ahepadistrict23.ca

Spiro Bonis



Cell: 306.537.6991

District Page: http://ahepacanada.org

Konstantinos Varsamis

Contact: governor@ahepahellas.org

District Page: 


George N. Vassilas

Contact: georgevassilas@gmail.com


District Page: http://ahepacanada.org

Georgios Kallenos


District Page: http://www.ahepacyprus.org

Dimosthenis Mammonas


District Page: https://ahepaeurope.org 

AHEPA Canada


Christos Argiriou


AHEPA Australia

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