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Constantine and Patricia Mavroyiannis (CPM) Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The CPM scholarship is open to graduate students who are either Greek or of Greek heritage and are enrolled in a PhD program in either theoretical physics or physical chemistry in the Faculty of Science at a North American university

2021 Winners Announced

Georgia (Greta) Koumarianou of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Ian MacCormack of the University of Chicago.

Both recipients are of Greek heritage. Each student will receive an award of $5,000 to support doctoral research in theoretical physics or physical chemistry for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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National Scholarship

Please note, the 2021 AEF scholarship season is now closed! Please check back on January 2nd for the 2022 application!

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NOTE: This is not the District Scholarship. Those are handled by your local chapter.

All Student Programs

Washington Mentorship


2021 Program to Announced in January 2021

Professional development program that educates, mentors, and networks exceptional Greek-American high school students as they progress through their high academic and professional careers.

Summer Excursion

2021 Journey To Greece Program

Immersive summer program that takes young students on excursions throughout Greece in order to learn about, appreciate, and celebrate Greek society and culture.

Study Abroad

Odyssey In Athens

Students choose to spend either a semester or full year studying abroad in Athens Greece. The school and apartments are located in the Plaka area at the base of the Acropolis.

Master's Program

MBA Program

The Walker MBA is a competency based, 36 credit
hour degree program that includes a 12 credit
hour foundation, a 15 credit hour core, 6 credit
hours of experiential learning, and 3 credit hours of

Qualities we admire

We strongly recommend all students to take one or more courses in the “classics” in order to understand their historical context as they relate to current events.

Academic Excellence

Higher grades help show us that you're taking your future seriously and putting in the effort

Cultural Appreciation

It is our organization’s belief, that the Hellenic or Classical Studies programs on college campuses are of great value

Extracurricular Activity

Having a "work-life" balance during your professional career is important which is why balancing responsibilities outside of school shows us you're on the right track


Philanthropy and self sacrifice are attributes in the lives of those who leave well respected legacies

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Chapter Scholarships

Some Of The Past Recipients Of Chapter Scholarships

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