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AHEPA Family Mourns PGP Demeris



Washington, D.C. office

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The AHEPA Family mourns the loss of Becky Angelos Demeris, who first made her mark as the inaugural Grand President of the Maids of Athena when the first Grand Lodge was elected in 1954.

Sister Becky was born in Houston, Texas in 1936. She first became a member of the Maids of Athena in 1952, as her father and mother were both active in the AHEPA Family. Following her Grand Presidency in 1954, she became a member of Daughters of Penelope Achaia Chapter 54 in Houston. A natural leader, Becky served in multiple positions and was elected Grand President of the Daughters of Penelope in 1988.

Sister Becky was always a friendly face at the AHEPA Supreme Convention, and actively participated in both the Maids of Athena and Daughters of Penelope installation ceremonies as an escort. Throughout the years, many incoming Maids of Athena Grand Lodge members remarked on what an honor it had been to be installed into their position with the help of the first Grand President of the Order.

PGP Demeris was predeceased by her husband Nick, an AHEPAN who also served as Supreme President of the Sons of Pericles. May her memory be eternal!

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