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AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Applications Now Available



Washington, D.C. office

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The Order of AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Applications are now Available Online!

The Order of AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1974, and now includes more than 175 inductees. Annually, candidates are nominated by members of AHEPA, and after a thorough vetting process are selected by 20 Hall of Fame Selection Committee members, who encompass a broad cross-section of engaged voters, geographically and experience-wise. While selection recognizes athletic accomplishments, it also acknowledges personal character and civic and community service. 

The HOF honors the most outstanding Hellenic athletes and the sport’s industry’s leaders, including such greats as Harry Agganis, Alex Karras, Milt Pappas, Pete Sampras, Eric Karros, Gene Rossides, Steve Lappas, Bob Costas, Nick Markakis and Greg Louganis!

An applicant must be nominated by a member of the AHEPA family, by use of the attached 2024 Hall of Fame Application.

Submissions to the AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame should be directed to

Gregory J. Stamos, Chairman

Ahepa Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee

241 Main Street, Ansonia, CT 06401

Telephone: (203)735-9293

Fax: (203)734-5065 or

Email: stamosatty@sbcglobal.net .

Please visit https://ahepa.org/programs/athletics/ for the 2024 AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame nomination forms to download, print and submit!


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