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AHEPA Praises U.S.-Greece Strategic Dialogue, MDCA Amendment Signing



Washington, D.C. office


WASHINGTON – The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA) praises actions taken to deepen relations between the United States and Greece, two longstanding NATO allies, during the visit of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to Washington this week, announced Supreme President Jimmy Kokotas.

“We commend the two governments on the signing of a Protocol of Amendment to the U.S.-Greece Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement,” Kokotas said. “It is a substantial act that will advance security and stability in the region over a sustained period of time and brings defense cooperation to another heightened level. Moreover, the successful holding of a third Strategic Dialogue yielded fruitful and productive results across important facets of the bilateral relationship, including People-to-People Ties. These noteworthy achievements are the culmination of the hard work of dedicated diplomats serving past and current administrations of each country.”

U.S.-Greece Strategic Dialogue

“The Strategic Dialogue rightfully notes the importance of ‘respecting sovereignty, sovereign rights, international law, including the law of the sea, and existing regional frameworks to prevent future tensions,'” Kokotas said. “In reiterating their dedication to their close cooperation, the countries’ explicitly stated use of ‘all appropriate means at their disposal to safeguard stability and security in the wider region’ is significant.”

Kokotas added, “We appreciated the United States’ recognition of Greece’s ongoing commitment to meet NATO’s annual minimum expenditure of GDP on defense and the United States’ applauding of Greece’s efforts to deepen ties with neighboring countries to enhance stability.

“We further appreciated the United States’ praise of Greece’s implementation of its Passenger Name Record legislation, and we encourage Greece to step-up its efforts to implement biometric-enabled national identity documents, which would permit a return to full Visa Waiver Program status.

“We are extremely pleased to see a new pillar on Humanitarian Challenges and Disaster Preparedness added to the Strategic Dialogue. The spate of wildfires in recent years, to which AHEPA has provided relief, has necessitated the addition of this important and essential pillar.

“We welcome the continued development of People-to-People Ties and the emphasis placed on cultural and educational exchanges. The successful commemoration of Greece’s bicentennial amid a pandemic demonstrates and affirms the strong bond between the people of the United States and Greece.

“Finally, we welcome and encourage further efforts to advance energy security, economic growth, climate initiatives, and U.S. investment in Greece.”

Pictured above: Greek Foreign Minister Dendias and Supreme President Kokotas greet one another a reception held in the foreign minister’s honor Wed., Oct. 13, in Washington.

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