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AHEPA Strongly Condemns Antisemitic Vandalism at Holocaust Memorial in Thessaloniki



Washington, D.C. office

Photo source: Haaretz

Supreme President Jimmy Kokotas has issued the following statement:

“AHEPA strongly condemns the desecration of the Holocaust Memorial in Thessaloniki with antisemitic graffiti that included a swastika and white supremacist symbols.

“Simply stated, these acts are unacceptable as are all forms of antisemitism or hate speech toward any individual, group, or community.

“We stand with the Jewish community, call for healing, and further call for the perpetrators of this heinous act to be brought swiftly to justice.

“We must not tolerate hate, bigotry, and evil. Instead, we must strive for tolerance and common understanding, as AHEPA’s founders and earliest leaders understood.”

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