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AHEPA Supreme President Condemns Heinous Hamas attack on Israel.



Washington, D.C. office

Release AHEPA

On behalf of the international membership of the American Hellenic Educational
Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA), which was founded in Atlanta in 1922 on
the principles that undergirded its fight for civil rights and against discrimination, bigotry,
and hatred; International President Savas C. Tsivicos on behalf of the 40,000 members
of the Ahepa Family worldwide strongly condemns the terrorist attack on Israel.

The AHEPA expresses its deepest sympathy for the innocent loss of life. We stand with
the people of Israel, an ally of the United States and close friend to Greece and Cyprus.
AHEPA applauds statements of support from the US, Greece and Cyprus.

Peace in the region is of paramount importance and this cowardice attack from Hamas
on the innocent people of Israel and the Gaza Strip only exacerbates tension in the
region. Israel has the right to defend herself from this act of war.

Ahepa Supreme President Tsivicos is calling on all of its 40,000 members to contact
members of Congress and insist the United States assist Israel in their right to defend
themselves in their time of need. AHEPA also notes that Hamas and Turkey have a
relationship which detrimental to the stability in the region.

AHEPA is urging its members to voice their concern and call members of Congress,
send our emails, send supportive posts and messages on social media in support of the
Israeli people and that this injustice will not stand!


Savas C. Tsivicos
International President

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