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District 28 Sends €30,000 Worth of Aid to Volunteer Firefighters



Washington, D.C. office


Nikolaos Michos, President of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Chapter 617 in Frankfurt, Germany, proudly reported that in conjunction with Lucas Miltiades Miller Chapter 611 in Wiesbaden, members have collected firefighting equipment to support volunteer firefighting organizations in Greece. Their efforts have been supported by brothers in neighboring Chapters in Frankfurt, Paris, and Rotterdam, where brothers have also contributed funds to support the purchase of equipment.

In total, about 40 boxes of equipment were packed and shipped to volunteer teams in Larissa, with a total value of more than €30,000; the rest will be sent to volunteer regions in Megara, Agios Evstratios, Thessaloniki and other regions where there is a need.

This joint effort between District 28’s Chapters was a response to Supreme President Savas C. Tsivicos’ call for assistance to victims of devastating wildfires and floods that affected Greece. Michos also credits District 28 Governor Dimosthenis Mammonas for helping to organize cooperation throughout the district.

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