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Journey to Greece Program in Full Swing!



Washington, D.C. office

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Students participating in the AHEPA Journey to Greece program are having a fantastic time during their study abroad program. They quickly bonded with the Odyssey study abroad students and are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

After an eventful first week of orientation, tours, visits to iconic spots like the Kalimarmaro (Olympic Stadium) and museums, a trip to Cape Sounio, classes, and a beach day at Akti Vouliagmenis, they had a relaxing weekend on the island of Ios.

The second week began with classes and preparations for a 3-day land trip to Delphi, Ancient Olympia, and Sparta-Mystras. The students appreciated the opportunity to experience what they were studying firsthand and expressed gratitude for the experience. They stayed overnight in comfortable hotels with swimming pools in Ancient Olympia and Mystra, Sparta.

During the third week, they visited the Hellenic Parliament on the day of the new Parliamentarians’ induction ceremony. Despite limited access, the students enjoyed learning about the modern Greek political system. In addition, they were treated to a rooftop theater performance at the Webster Athens Cultural Center, with the illuminated Acropolis as the backdrop. The comedy play, “Medea and Friends I Met Along the Way,” was performed in English. This weekend, the students will travel to Naxos, an excursion they’re eagerly awaiting.

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