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Leading Association of Greek Americans Pans Fox’s “Krapopolis”



Washington, D.C. office


Krapopolis has opened to mixed reviews from the entertainment industry.

However, a leading Hellenic heritage association is clear in its panning Fox’s new animated show.

The national president of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), Savas C. Tsivicos, sent a letter to Jean Guerin, executive vice president of Fox Entertainment, requesting the network halt production of Krapopolis.

“We find the series demeaning to the contributions gifted to Western Civilization by the ancient Greeks,” Tsivicos writes. “These contributions, which also include the arts, architecture, and sciences; and ideals, which include notion of democracy and right of self-governance, inspired academicians, playwrights, and scientists; and revolutionaries, including our nation’s founding fathers, across centuries.”

Tsivicos also has requested a meeting with Guerin to discuss the Greek American community’s concerns and potential harmful implications of Krapopolis.

“Although irony of the ancient Greeks performing satiric comedies as far back as 500 B.C. is not lost on us, we strongly believe Krapopolis crosses a line that is offensive to our community, and perhaps others as well. Our aim is to have a constructive dialogue with the network and hopefully the show’s producers to explore if there’s a path forward.”

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