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Sons of Pericles Reactivate Trenton, NJ Chapter



Washington, D.C. office

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Over the weekend, the Brothers of Trenton Chapter 72 of Trenton, NJ helped to reactivate Sons of Pericles Perdicaris Chapter 167. The initiation ceremony was presided over by Sons of Pericles Supreme Treasurer George T. Horiates and attended by many members of AHEPA Chapter 72, including SOP Past Supreme President Lee Millas.

Are you aware that members of the Sons of Pericles aged 18-28 are automatically dual members of AHEPA, and vice versa? Take a look at your chapter membership and see if some of your younger members qualify for dual membership in the Sons of Pericles! All it takes is eight members to reactivate or activate a Sons Chapter! If you have any interested young men between the ages of 14-28 who would like to get involved, please contact the SOP Supreme Lodge via email at sopsupremelodge@gmail.com!

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