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Supreme President Presides over Mass Initiation



Washington, D.C. office

unnamed (42)

Supreme President Savas Tsivicos presided over a double-region mass initiation in Cherry Hill. Hosted by Camden 69, these initiations represented four different states in regions 2 and 3.

In attendance were Supreme Counselor Themis Frangos, Host Supreme Governor Dimitri Rozanitis, and Region 2 Supreme Governor Georgios Comninos. Additionally, the President of the newly formed Ahepa chapter in Ukraine and the Honorary Consul of Greece to Gherson in Ukraine, Pantelis Boubouras, were present, along with Ahepa Europe District Warden Andreas Zapounidis.

The Supreme President expressed his gratitude to the visiting chapters, welcomed the new initiates, and extended his appreciation to D5 Governor Koninis for his dedicated efforts.

Furthermore, the Supreme President presented a Heroes Medal to Brother Boubouras. The President of the Ukraine chapter shared accounts of the challenges faced during the conflict in Ukraine and expressed deep gratitude to Ahepa for its unwavering support of Hellenism in the country.

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