The New AHEPA Website

Private Walkthrough

Watch this video below for my walkthrough or continue to scroll for bullet points of each page.

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Homepage Highlights

  1. Highlight-reel background video
  2. Mission statement & definition of Hellenism (for new visitors)
  3. Top 3 most recent news articles
  4. A few photos of AHEPA being influential
  5. Supreme Convention live countdown
  6. Join now call to action

Events Page Highlights

  1. Supreme Convention live countdown
  2. Events calendar with descriptions available on mouse hover(updated by Wynn on Google)
  3. Supreme convention registration PDF button and drop-down schedule.
  4. District Governors Conference live countdown
  5. Other major events we’re involved in: Athens Marathon and Capitol Hill Day (with looping video) 

Click video to watch walk through

Click video to watch walk through

News Page Highlights

  1. Latest 9 posts
  2. Quicklinks on the Right Sidebar: Latest posts, Categories, Past Posts in which you can choose months worth of archived articles
  3. Advertisements on the Right Sidebar
  4. Announcement of news articles being mobile responsive (adjusting to your phone screen size) available below latest articles
  5. Each article displays a featured image, and offers reader to share via any social media platform

Resources Page Highlights

  1. Social Media account buttons and quick access to downloadable links: ‘View all Downloadable Files’
  2. Facebook and Twitter feeds
  3. Downloadable files organized by category: Membership, Chapter & District, Annual Forms, Manuals & Plan Books,

Click video to watch walk through

Click video to watch walk through

Programs Page Highlights

  1. Each program is listed in an easy to read grid view
  2. Each ‘Read More’ button takes you to their dedicated info page

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Donate Page Highlights

  1. Photos of children who benefit from the donations made by the organization
  2. Brief description of the 501(c)(3)
  3. Multiple buttons for each fund AHEPA maintains
  4. Drop down for full descriptions and history of fund
  5. Each link goes to the IMIS memberships portal allowing for current members or guests to donate to each respective fund
  6. (Some funds need to be set up on the IMIS side by Rosalind)

Join Page Highlights

  1. Three major membership plans any new viewer can enroll in
  2. Benefits and price of each membership style
  3. Lifetime Membership (needs to be set up by Rosalind as of July 5)
  4. Find a district in order to join a chapter map
  5. List of office title, their emails, and general locations available on left list. (scroll inside box to search)
  6. *If you type in your zip code or city the map will automatically find the nearest district for you to reach out to.
  7. Once you click a district’s title ‘District 6’ it will take you to that district’s dedicated (self run) website

Click video to watch walk through

Publishing strategy

(This website is currently under a temporary url)

Once the website is confirmed by the Exec. Director we can switch the url from its temporary one to the main url (ahepa.org) and start making announcements and share user-tutorials on social media including via direct emails.

Remaining Tasks

1. Approve of each page

Run through this highlight page and follow each link to run through each page for confirmed quality check

2. Switch URL

The website that everyone has used so far will be switched to this temporary url so that if we miss anything we can always go back and grab info.

After that is switched everyone visiting ‘ahepa.org’ will be seeing this new website.

3. Make announcement

We can make an announcement motion graphic video and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc.

Try it out yourself

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