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AHEPA Applauds U.S.’ Full Lifting of Arms Restrictions on Cyprus



Washington, D.C. office


WASHINGTON, DC – Supreme President Jimmy Kokotas has issued the following statement:

“We applaud the Biden administration’s decision yesterday to lift fully the limitations placed on the transfer of defense articles to Cyprus in accordance with compliance on an annual basis under law.

“We commend the Administration for recognizing it is in the best interest of the United States to take this rightful action that further enhances relations between the United States and the Republic of Cyprus.

“The United States recognizes the Republic of Cyprus as a strategic partner, especially in combating terrorism and providing regional stability. This important measure taken by the Administration is the next logical step in the relationship’s progression that began with 2018’s Statement of Intent agreement.

“The significance of this decision by the United States at a time when malign influences are prevalent in the region, and tensions in the Aegean are escalated, cannot be understated.

“We thank our bipartisan champions in Congress, especially Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez and the active Congressional Hellenic Caucus in the House, who passed legislation and pressed successive Administrations to implement this policy change to its fullest extent.

“We also commend the community’s collective advocacy for this policy victory.”

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