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AHEPA Family call to action for earthquake relief in Turkey/Syria border region



Washington, D.C. office


As the death toll continues to rise in Türkiye and Syria, AHEPA is looking to our chapters to support the endeavor of our brothers in AHEPA Chapter No. 601 in Constantinople.

Since 1922, the Order of AHEPA has been a generous, philanthropic organization who digs down deep to help people in need. Today is such a day.

The Supreme President, Jimmy Kokotas, has asked the entire Ahepa family to collect funds and send them to our chapter in Constantinople as we have since we were first made aware of this tragic event.

The magnitude and scope of this natural disaster has not been properly conveyed to our chapters and our members. For those of you who wish to make personal donations, please feel free to do so through the AHEPA website by clicking on the charitable foundation link on the donation page. The funds collected during the months of February and March will go to efforts to assist people in need of food, water, blankets, and other necessities.

Chapter 601 has visited the effected area, and the region is devastated. As a philanthropic organization, it is our duty to assist if we can. Donate online at ahepa.org/donate or send a check to AHEPA headquarters.

God bless the first responders from all over the world who are on site helping save peoples lives.

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