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AHEPA Family Celebrates DOP PGP Boulegeris



Washington, D.C. office

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Members of the AHEPA family came from far and wide to celebrate Daughters of Penelope Past Grand President Georgette Boulegeris this weekend in a beautiful Testimonial dinner hosted by DOP Tethys Chapter 229.

Board of Trustees Vice Chairman George G. Horiates, PSP presented Sister Georgette with a beautiful framed picture of Penelope on behalf of the AHEPA BoT. PSP Jimmy Kokotas presented Sister Georgette with a custom gavel on behalf of the AHEPA Supreme Lodge. They were joined by PSP Phillip T. Frangos, PSP Andrew C. Zachariades, Supreme Treasurer Demetrios Kirkiles, Supreme Counselor Themis Frangos, and Supreme Advisor to the Sons of Pericles Ted Vittas, as well as Board of Auditors Chairman Craig S. Clawson, SOP PSP.

Congratulations Sister Georgette! Axia!

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