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AHEPA Hellas Chapters Distribute €40,000 in Aid In Wake of Catastrophic Storm Daniel



Washington, D.C. office

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In the wake of Storm Daniel, the natural disaster that caused billions of dollars of damage across Greece, Libya, Turkey, and Bulgaria, AHEPA Hellas District 25 demonstrates an unwavering commitment to supporting communities in need.

As of today, assistance valued at €40,000 has been distributed to various sectors across the Volos region.

  • Distribution of 1,200 sandwiches as an immediate measure of support to the residents of Palaio Limenarchio in Volos City
  • Provided provisions of water, food, clothing and essential items to the residents of Volos
  • Distribution of 110,000 units of medical supplies to Achilopouleio Hospital to cover the increased needs of the region
  • Provided two pallets of water to the Police Directorate and Fire Service of Magnesia to cover the needs of crews operating on a 24 hour basis.
  • Dispatch and distribution of nine pallets with water, food and essential items for flood affected residents in the South Pelion Municipality
  • Dispatch and distribution of two pallets with water, medication, masks and gloves to the Health Center of Argalasti.
  • Restoration and Painting at the 9th Elementary School and the 9th Kindergarten of Volos.
  • Donated 18 units of library furniture, desks, a large photocopier, four new-generation computers, a large refrigerator and a heating chamber to the 9th Elementary School and 9th Kindergarten of Volos.

Looking forward, AHEPA Hellas District 25 and its chapters are exploring initiatives that will allow for the restoration of two more schools, one in Velestino and one in the Larissa region. They also hope to refurbish the infrastructure of a nursing home. These initiatives are a testament to the steadfast support AHEPA Hellas and its chapters are providing to ensure the wellbeing and sustainability of local communities amidst challenging times. They remain dedicated to mobilizing resources and extending help wherever it is required.

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