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AHEPA Joins Three-Country Leadership Mission to Israel, Cyprus, Greece



Washington, D.C. office

AHI Leader Mission Logo 2020



Leading American Hellenic, American Jewish groups to evaluate the critical partnership between Greece, Cyprus and Israel

WHAT:  The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is taking part in a fourth International Leadership Mission — a joint 20-member delegation of American Hellenic and American Jewish community leaders — which represents the ongoing organizational cooperation between the American Hellenic and American Jewish communities and broad diaspora support for the trilateral partnership between Greece, Cyprus and Israel.  The delegation aims to explore the major economic (business and tourism), energy sector, and security developments underway between the three countries with high-ranking government and military officials and with visits to military installations and evaluate its progress.

WHO: American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA)

  • The leading membership-based service association for American citizens of Hellenic heritage and Philhellenes

American Hellenic Institute (AHI)

  • A leading Greek American public policy center and think tank

B’nai B’rith International

  • A worldwide Jewish community service organization widely known as one of the world’s most influential humanitarian, human rights and advocacy organizations

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

  • The central coordinating body representing 53 national Jewish organizations on issues of national and international concern

 WHEN/WHERE: The mission convenes in Jerusalem, Jan. 11; continues to Nicosia, Jan. 13 and 14; and concludes in Athens, Jan. 15 to Jan. 17.

WHY: The strengthening of cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel in a trilateral partnership continues to develop, helping to foster peace and stability in the eastern Mediterranean and the broader region. In 2019, at the Sixth Trilateral Summit, the United States underlined its support for the trilateral partnership established by Israel, Greece, and Cyprus, noting the importance of increased cooperation, and has since put in place a 3+1 framework.


The four organizations will build upon three previous, three-country leadership missions in 2014, 2016 and 2018, which were widely recognized and praised as contributing to intergroup and international cooperation and friendship.

AHEPA will be represented by: Supreme President George G. Horiates, Canadian President Christos Argiriou, Supreme Treasurer Savas Tsivicos, Supreme Counselor Louis Atsaves, Supreme Governors Chris Kaitson and Phanos Pitiris, Cyprus & Hellenic Affairs Committee Chairman Dr. Zenon Christodoulou, Executive Director Basil Mossaidis, and Consultant Andrew Kaffes.

CONTACT:   Andrew Kaffes, +1.202.441.5099 or andrew@agkaffes.com

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