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AHEPA Responds to Maui Wildfire Crisis



Washington, D.C. office

AHEPA Banner

Brothers and Sisters of the AHEPA Family and Friends,

Since 1922, AHEPA has consistently been ready to offer support to those in need. As Supreme President, my first action was to establish the Greece Wildfires fund, providing immediate assistance to those in Greece. I want to express my gratitude to all of you for the efforts you’ve put forth so far in our endeavor to aid Greece in recovering from the wildfires that have impacted the country this summer.

Yesterday, I was approached to assist one of our Districts which has taken the lead in providing aid to those suffering in Hawaii. AHEPA’s presence is far-reaching, and we strive to offer assistance as promptly as possible by collaborating with our Chapters and Districts to uphold the philanthropic aspect of our mission. The knowledge that the AHEPA Family consistently steps up as the first to volunteer assistance in any disaster situation is something that each and every one of us should take pride in.

We cannot ignore the reality that natural disasters are becoming more prevalent nowadays, and we will consistently be called upon to help. It is our duty, as a philanthropic organization, to do what we can during moments that may appear the most dire. I urge you to consider contributing to our efforts according to your means.

As most of us are aware, tragedy recently struck the Island of Maui, Hawaii resulting in the loss of life, property, and business in the City of Lahaina. Our brothers in District 20 have made us aware that at least four families from the Maui Greek Orthodox Mission Church in Maui have been made homeless and lost their jobs because of the fires. The Mission is collecting monetary donations, 100% of which will be distributed to victims of the fires.

AHEPA Headquarters is donating $5000 to match donations sent by any AHEPA Chapters.

If you’d like to show your love and support for our Christian Brothers, Sisters and their families, please go to:

Maui Mission | Home Page

To make an online donation:

1.    Scroll down to the section titled “Donations” (approx. half-way down the page) in the center of your screen. 

2.     Click on, “Online donation to the Maui Mission: Fire Relief Effort.”

3.    Please put AHEPA Chapter or District number in memo box

If you would like to make a pledge, select one of the following methods:

·        Send a text to the parish at: (617) 838-7904 

·        Send an email to: firerelief@mauimission.org

Mail your pledge check to the following:

Maui Greek Orthodox Christian Mission


Post Office Box 532642

Kihei, HI 96753

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