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Booklet made available: The 1821 Greek War of Independence and America’s Contributions To the Greek Cause



Washington, D.C. office


In 1971 The Order of AHEPA published a booklet that recounts America’s contributions to the Greek war for independence. Today it has been made available to all who would like to download and read the historical document for themselves online.

George Leber, the book’s editor, put together the historical article in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence (1812-1971).

At the time of its publication, Leber was the Executive Secretary of The Order of AHEPA. He has also written and published the entire history of the the AHEPA, from its founding in 1922, up to 1972.

Contents in this booklet address events such as “The Fall of Constantinople”, “The Massacre of Chios”, “Aid from European Powers”, “The Beginnings of America’s Interest in Greece”, “President James Monroe”, and “Lt. Gen. George Jarvis”.

The book is an overall historical recount, from Leber’s perspective, on the effects that the most notable nations and players had on the relationship between Greece and the U.S.

You can access The 1812 Greek War of Independence and America’s Contributions to the Greek Cause in AHEPA’s online resources.



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