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Journey to Greece is underway!



Washington, D.C. office

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Sixteen students will earn college credit immersed in an educational program in Athens

WASHINGTON, DC — The AHEPA Journey to Greece program is underway with 16 students, who are on scholarship, enjoying an unforgettable experience, announced Supreme President Jimmy Kokotas. The students are immersed in learning about Greece in the classroom and in the field, all while earning six college credits through Webster University.

“We are proud and excited that AHEPA and Webster are working in tandem to provide the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Greek culture while gaining an educational experience in the arts, politics, and mythology that defined Greece,” Kokotas said.

“Education is a key element of AHEPA’s mission, and we’re pleased to be fulfilling it through this unique program. We are extremely grateful to the AHEPA Educational Foundation, which raised $60,000 so the students can participate on scholarship.

”Already the students have visited Ancient Olympia and Delphi to learn first-hand about the significance of these sites, which will complement their more detailing learning about the material in the classroom.“ We’re off to a very good start,” Dina Skias, director of Student Affairs, Webster University Athens, said. “The students seem to have bonded as a group and are enjoying themselves.” They also enjoyed a visit with U.S. Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, who provided career advice.

To learn more about AHEPA’s Journey to Greece program, please click here.

Photo credits: Webster University Athens

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