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Organization Guidebook Now Available For AHEPA Members



Washington, D.C. office

Joe AHEPAs Guide Image

Over the weekend the team at AHEPA Headquarters, in Washington, D.C. updated its document with explanations of procedures, services, and even a list of contacts of the Headquarters team.

The table of contents includes a brief Introduction, then Who’s Who At AHEPA Headquarters, Membership Development, Membership Services, Financial Procedures, Public Relations/AHEPAN, Special Events/Convention, ending off with a simple Conclusion.

The introduction from Executive Director, Basil Mossaidis gives the small booklet reader an overview:

Hello and welcome to the AHEPA Headquarters Handbook! This guidebook is designed to help every AHEPAN, from the Supreme President to the dues paying member. Become familiar will all facets of our National Headquarters. This guidebook will help educate members and answer questions about certain procedures and the resources available to them at headquarters. Taking the time to review this manual and familiarize oneself with the processes inside will make the relationship between the member and headquarters cohesive and efficient. Headquarters staff is always available to clarify any of the procedures described in this manual should you still have questions once you’ve finished.


Basil N. Mossaidis, Executive Director

You can download the file here. Keep in mind it will always be available in the Resources page of ahepa.org, under the Manuals & Plan Books section.



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