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PM Mitsotakis’ Address to a Joint Meeting of Congress



Washington, D.C. office

PBS News

Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress, May 17, 2022.

AHEPA Family leaders were present in the House Gallery to hear the address.

“We congratulate Prime Minister Mitsotakis for delivering a historic speech that hit all right notes,” Supreme President Jimmy Kokotas said. “He celebrated our countries’ shared values, clearly stated Greece’s position on Ukraine and on acts of aggression against Greece’s sovereignty, made a plea for Congress to not forget the ‘open wound’ of Cyprus, and made a pitch for defense procurement, among many other key points.”

“We especially appreciated his shoutout to the Greek American community, which he described as an ‘unshakable bond that will always bind our countries together,'” Kokotas said.

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