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Spanning the Tide: AHEPA Leads the Way in Key Bridge Disaster Relief



Washington, D.C. office

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In the wake of the Key Bridge disaster, AHEPA’s Baltimore area chapters swiftly mobilized to provide essential relief. In addition to opening the AHEPA Emergency Relief Fund, we have asked our Region 2 Supreme Governor, Georgio Comninos and the chapters within Capital District #3 to assist in our efforts. The response from AHEPA was both immediate and impactful, with multiple chapters, particularly AHEPA Chapter 535, stepping up and showcasing an inspiring commitment to aiding those affected by the crisis.

AHEPA has worked in a community partnership, marshalling several local businesses in this humanitarian endeavor. Dunkin Donuts, Pats Pizza, Hilltop Pizza, and Dependable Management, among others, demonstrated commendable corporate citizenship. Essential supplies such as food, water, and coffee, crucial for sustaining the emergency response teams tirelessly working at the Key Bridge site continues and will do so for a protracted period. AHEPA and its partners have delivered more than 2000 bottles of water, nearly 400 pizzas, an endless line of coffee, and farm-fresh fruits for the 24-7 on site crisis workers.

AHEPA’s emergency response efforts have been challenging and even extraordinary. These vital supplies were and continue to be distributed to teams operating on both sides of the collapsed bridge, ensuring that those on the front lines have the support, sustenance and hydration necessary to continue their challenging work. AHEPA’s response to the Key Bridge disaster has also been assisted by District Governor Ari Bouloubassis, particularly on the challenging logistics of serving both ends of the disaster’s bridge span. The AHEPA team can use your assistance to ensure their work continues. Consider this request as a poignant reminder of what can be achieved when AHEPA communities unite for a common cause. 

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