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Weirton Brother hits #1 on Amazon New Release List!



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Last week, Brother Harry Psaros of Hancock Chapter 103 in Weirton , VA, released his new book entitled “From Struggle to Strength: A Father’s Journey with Autism and the Power of Hope and Positivity”.

Brother Harry’s book provides valuable guidance on fostering a child’s development, emphasizing the crucial mental qualities and perspectives required to successfully parent a child with autism.

Brother Harry wrote this book to fulfill the need for literature written by fathers of autistic children on this subject. While there are many resources on parenting and guiding children with autism, the vast majority of them are written by mothers. A national organization that Brother Harry had given a speech for made a request for him to write this book after hearing him speak about his experience and he delivered.

The book’s reviews sing it’s praises, and Harry’s brother Michael recommends readers “read what he says throughout the book about Faith and Hellenism (our culture) as his twin pillars.” His family and Chapter Brothers are incredibly proud of him! As of today, the book is ranked as #1 New Release in Amazon’s “Family and Parent” category!

Congratulations, Brother Harry!

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