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U.S. Ambassador briefs AHEPA Convention on Greece’s wildfires



Washington, D.C. office

Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt Skyping with Carl Hollister at AHEPA Convention 2018

A big thank you to U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, and the team at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, for providing a critical and timely briefing to the AHEPA convention body this afternoon on the latest developments with Greece’s wildfires.  The ambassador conveyed his appreciation for the opportunity to dial-in to the convention body in the context of the “strong partnership between the embassy and AHEPA.”

U.S. Ambassador Pyatt on the big screen at AHEPA Conventions 2018


Also, we appreciated Ambassador Pyatt’s complimentary words about AHEPA’s service when he said, “AHEPA has a fantastically proud history of stepping up in moments of need.”

For AHEPA’s part, we sincerely are grateful for the full engagement and assistance of the United States during this devastating crisis.

Our delegates gave the ambassador a standing ovation!

Standing ovation for U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt


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