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Journey to Greece Program in Full Swing!



Washington, D.C. office

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The second week of the AHEPA Journey to Greece Program began with a festive beach day at Akti Vouliagmeni, coinciding with the holiday of Aghios Pnevmatos. Despite the crowded beach, the students managed to find a spot to sit together and enjoyed playing volleyball in the water. The lively atmosphere was captured in photos that were added to the week’s collection. After enjoying some leisure time, the students focused on their classwork for the next couple of days. On Thursday evening, they visited the Benaki Museum, where they admired Greek art spanning from prehistoric to modern times, with a particular interest in the Byzantium section and traditional Greek costumes. Following the museum visit, they attended a theatrical performance titled “Medea and Friends I Met Along the Way” by the theatrical company Koilon, at the Webster Athens Cultural Center, enjoying the comedy and meeting the cast with the Acropolis as a stunning backdrop.

The week continued with a visit to the Hellenic Parliament, where the students received an insightful tour of the historic building and learned about the modern Greek state post-independence. They had the unique opportunity to witness a parliamentary session discussing healthcare and unemployment benefits, and their presence and affiliation with the AHEPA Journey to Greece Program were acknowledged with applause by the parliamentarians. A group photo was taken in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The upcoming week promises to be equally exciting, with a three-day trip to Naxos, including travel via Seajets ferry and accommodations in Chora. Additionally, the itinerary includes visits to the Acropolis, Delphi, and Arachova, along with a special 4th of July party hosted by the local AHEPA chapter of southern Attica.

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